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A killer fan made 3D animation of a transforming Optimus Prime (lookalike). Advertisements

Sick (again).


Well I just spent the better part of this week sick again. Luckily I went to the doctors this time and received a shot and some medication to kick this sickness I keep getting. For the most part I am feeling better now. Can’t be held back now, we are starting to kick it into […]

Marvel (and DC) are at it again. It’s when I read things like this I really have a dislike for the “Big Two”. “Super-hero” isn’t Marvel’s property. They didn’t invent the term. They aren’t the only users of the term. It’s a public-domain word that belongs to all of us. Adding a ™ to super-hero […]

I think this explains a lot… [Windows Media Video – 6.4mb] (Via Micah)

I’m sure most have read the site, now it’s time to hear some… from the mouth of the man himself… Chuck Norris

I first read about it late last year and I still can’t believe they are making this movie. This is what Hollywood is trying to force feed us now? Man, how low can you fall?

This is pretty badass. A “Jet-powered VW Bug”. (Via Engadget.)