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More random sketching… Advertisements



When I sit down to work, I like to do “warm-up sketches”. These can and do consist of anything. Tonights, happen to be a few headshots. Enjoy.



So things are still moving along for our project Rapid City. The problem I’m having is that I want things to be the best we can. So I wasn’t happy with page 4. It was the first page where I collaborated on the layout with Micah. He did the original thumbnail breakdown and I used […]

Plastic Man.


I guess Cartoon Network has commissioned a pilot for Plastic Man. Didn’t think it was that bad. A little rough, but has some potential. Definitely would like to see some more. (Click image to view video at Clip was removed.) (Via The Beat.)

All I can say is this is bad@$$. One word BACKFLIP! [Media type: WMV / Size: 9.4MB] Or you can watch via YouTube. (Via Digg.)