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Just finished watching “Hellboy: Sword of Storms” that I had recorded from Saturday night (had a Halloween party to attend) and I must say, it was awesome. The animation is top notch. The story was very interesting and had all the elements that make a great Hellboy story. I’ll definitely be picking this up on […]



New sketchbook/pad, first drawing. Just messin’ around.

So I was going through a box in my daughter’s closet (I have a ton of my stuff stacked away in there) and I found an old sketchbook started at some point in 1997 and continuing on through to early 1998. I decided to scan a few of the illustrations to share, here they are. […]

So I started thinking yesterday that I should really start to build up my speed for drawing pages. So I was thinking Eric Canete does these 90-Minute masterpieces (pencil and ink drawings) and so it got me thinking what could I do that was similar but in a shorter period of time. So I choose […]