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Dave Cockrum.


Word is starting to get around, Dave Cockrum has passed away after a struggle with Diabetes. He is going to be sadly missed throughout the comic industry. I remember when I first really started reading X-Men, Dave was the artist on those issues. It may not show, but those issues were a early contributor to […]

In an attempt to hone my skills and try the 60-Minute “Sketch’ercise” in vein of Jason Howard’s attempts, I give you a Red Lion sketch. I did this in 1 hour. Not quite where I wanted to be, but it’s a start. I think I’m going to “refine” it a little more and then post […]

My hero.


I have a new hero, her name in Tina Fey. My reason? For calling the skankiest tramp exactly what she is…a “piece of $#!t”!

Well Josh and I have created “The Cape Symposium“. A forum to discuss superheroes and the world of spandex they reside in. A place for fans and creators to discuss the ins and outs of making, reading, enjoying, and thinking about super heroes. So drop by and join us, it’s sure to be a lot […]

Old School Good


Recently stumbled onto this clip from the Miami Vice pilot episode. I know today it’s considered a little cheesy, but I still really like this show. It was part of a handful of shows from the 80’s that hold a “special place” in my memories. So turn down the lights and sit back and enjoy […]

Timmy Hortons


Oh how I love my Tim Hortons coffee (a restaurant chain similiar to Dunkin Donuts only found in Canada and the Northeast United States). Every morning I stop at Tim Hortons to get a coffee on the way to work. I go to one of two depending on what time it is and if I […]