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Drink a lot of soda (pop)? Better think again. (Via Warren.) Advertisements



Issue #6 of Criminal came out yesterday. It starts off a new storyline, with new characters, making for a great jumping on point for new (and old) readers. If you like crime fiction, this book is for you. It has great writing by Ed Brubaker and killer art from the very talented Sean Phillips. This […]

Please read this article before sending out those “Don’t Buy Gas” or “Don’t Pump Gas on such and such day” emails again. It’s ridiculous to think it would make a difference. All you can really do is try and find a low(er) price or carpool.

So today Mandy and I went to my friend Pete’s house. I haven’t seen Pete in years (recently we got back in touch with each other). He invited us over to a Kentucky Derby party at his house. I guess he’s done this for a few years now, has family and friends over for some […]

Well today was Free Comic Book Day at your local favorite comic store. What exactly does this mean besides free comics for everyone? Well it means that “THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN” finally makes it debut from Image. This book was co-created (with Robert Kirkman of “Walking Dead” and “Invicible” fame) with all the artwork done by […]