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Bad Religion


Greg Graffin and crew still know how to put together a great rock album. Their 14th album was released earlier this month and is a solid piece of work. Thanks for reminding me why you are one of my favorite bands. Advertisements

Iron Man


Came across some new images for the Iron Man movie today. My hopes are high for this movie. Has the potential to be really cool. First is the cover for the September ’07 issue of Empire magazine. Next up, not sure if this image is old or not, but this is the first I’m seeing […]

Now this is too cool. One of the coolest things about the Halo games, is driving the all-terrain vehicle called the Warthog. Now the “gods” at WETA have built a full-scale working version of one for some Halo 3 live short films. (Via Autoblog.)

Time flies.


Wow, it’s been over a month since I posted anything of importance here. Not that there is anyone really reading this (if there is, thanks!). So the main reason for my absence was I got married last month on the 22nd of June. I married my girlfriend Mandy of four years now. She means everything […]



The second issue of the big Marvel summer event, World War Hulk, came out this week. Decimating everything and everyone that stands in his path. The Hulk makes his way through the Avengers and Fantastic Four. I know some people have their problems with the way the Hulk is being portrayed, but this series has […]