About me…

Hello, my name is Jason. I’m a co-founder and artist for MONOLITH. So a little bit about me…

Well I had a brief stint at CCS (College for Creative Studies) in Detroit, along with other formal training at various institutes of learning. But mostly I’m self-taught (in the illustration & Graphic Communications profession). I was apart of the big comic industry boom of the mid 90’s where I worked as the Creative Director for Blue comics, managing and directing the creative talent. In 1996, I became co-publisher of Blink comics and was also an artist for some of the projects

I’ve worked on projects such as, The Chosen Ones (later retitled to The Resistants) as co-plotter and penciller. Did a short story The Badge with Josh Dahl, and also worked on the creative direction for my own project Wraith (not the same character as the Wraith in Rapid City). At Blink, I was more responsible for the business end. Though, I did co-plot & pencil Hell’s Haven which unfortunately was never published.

As well as handling my own portion of the drawing and designing for Rapid City, I also created and manage MONOLITH’s web presence. When not drawing and designing for Rapid City or geeking out on G.I. Joe stuff, I’m working as a web/graphic designer for a Detroit company and spending time with my daughter, Emma and my wife, Mandy.

Drop by the MONOLITH website to see more about what I’m up to.


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