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Plastic Man.


I guess Cartoon Network has commissioned a pilot for Plastic Man. Didn’t think it was that bad. A little rough, but has some potential. Definitely would like to see some more. (Click image to view video at Clip was removed.) (Via The Beat.) Advertisements



Gnarls Barkley’s (a.k.a. Cee-Lo collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse) performance at the MTV Movie Awards. All were dressed as Star Wars characters. I love the fact I don’t need to watch MTV anymore to see the really cool stuff. Thanks YouTube.

C4 On Ice.


The first one was pretty cool and this second one is just as good. I hope the Transformers movie is at least as good as these commercials are. * There’s also this parody of the first one that is also very cool to watch.

I’m sure most have read the site, now it’s time to hear some… from the mouth of the man himself… Chuck Norris