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So I was browsing the archives of the MONOLITH production blog today. Looking at stuff I had done a year ago. I can say I’m happy with where I’m at now with my drawing skills and I’m sorry for those who took interest back then. I’m kidding. Considering I hadn’t drawn much before that. In […]

Here’s another sketch crunch exercise. The goal of these is to see how much I can get done in a set period of time. I’ve was sick recently (past week or so), so I wanted to get back into the groove of things. So I did this sketch to kick myself back into gear and […]

Just working out the look and feel of the werewolves for a scene in Rapid City. Getting there…

So last month right before Christmas, Josh was in town. We were able to meet up and catch up on what was going on in our lives and go over a few MONOLITH things. One thing we discussed was doing specific images for the e-newsletter we send out and the home page on out site […]

In an attempt to hone my skills and try the 60-Minute “Sketch’ercise” in vein of Jason Howard’s attempts, I give you a Red Lion sketch. I did this in 1 hour. Not quite where I wanted to be, but it’s a start. I think I’m going to “refine” it a little more and then post […]

Red Lion


Red lion has become one of my favorite Rapid City characters. But, I’ve never quite gotten his look down (well at least to me I haven’t). So here’s another sketch of RL. I think I got it this time.



When I sit down to work, I like to do “warm-up sketches”. These can and do consist of anything. Tonights, happen to be a few headshots. Enjoy.