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Zoo time!


We went to the Detroit Zoo today with Emma and my wife’s parents. Had a lot of fun. Now my feet are killing me though. Advertisements

Well today I accepted a job offer as a Web Designer (along with some print design too). It’s been a long (and I do mean long) five months of unemployment. I’ve sent out dozens and dozens of resumes and gone on quite a few interviews in those five months. That all comes to an end. […]

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More Iron Man


Well it’s been a while (again), but I’m still here. Trying to get things back on track and hopefully start posting stuff on a more regular schedule. I’ve got the time. So in the meantime, here’s a little teaser from the upcoming Iron Man movie. (Click image for hi-res version.) (Via SHH.)

Today is Veterans Day. Everyone should take a moment to say thanks to those that have fought for our freedoms. I would like to say thanks to my father (served in Vietnam) and his father (served in World War II) for their courageous time served. Thank you both, I respect and love you both a […]



I love the month of October. It gets cooler outside, the air becomes crisp. The leaves start to change color and Halloween! Also some of my favorite TV channels show horror movies for the last two weeks of the month. I can’t watch enough horror movies. Good or bad, they are just fun to watch. […]

Let go.


Well I was told I was being let go today. That I had one week left. I give five years to the company and I get the boot just like that. The reason? Financial. Business is doing really bad and I was the biggest financial liability. So sadly I’m forced into the “unemployment world” which […]