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The other day on the National Geographic Channel they had a show on called Fight Science: Special Ops. Talk about amazing stuff. They had, as you can imagine, some Special Ops soldiers on and pushed them to extreme limits all in the name of science. The human body is quite the “machine”. The show is […]

I watched the premiere of AMC’s new show “Breaking Bad” tonight. Wow, what a show. It’s stars Bryan Cranston, yes the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. He plays Walter White, a New Mexico chemistry teacher, with a handicapped son, a baby on the way, and a mortgage he can’t afford who totally loses it […]

Mad Men


Well I’ve finished watching the first three episodes of AMC’s newest original series, Mad Men (yeah for DVR’s!) and I have to say I love it so far. Brilliant work. You totally get the feel of the early 1960’s advertising world, the society and behavior of men & women of that era. This show has […]

Old School Good


Recently stumbled onto this clip from the Miami Vice pilot episode. I know today it’s considered a little cheesy, but I still really like this show. It was part of a handful of shows from the 80’s that hold a “special place” in my memories. So turn down the lights and sit back and enjoy […]

Just finished watching “Hellboy: Sword of Storms” that I had recorded from Saturday night (had a Halloween party to attend) and I must say, it was awesome. The animation is top notch. The story was very interesting and had all the elements that make a great Hellboy story. I’ll definitely be picking this up on […]

Ultimate FF


Watched the first episode of the new Fantastic Four cartoon tonight. Was quite impressed. Very high quality animation. Story wasn’t bad either, seemed like classic FF stuff. I hope this is the sign of the times for Marvel’s future animation projects.

Plastic Man.


I guess Cartoon Network has commissioned a pilot for Plastic Man. Didn’t think it was that bad. A little rough, but has some potential. Definitely would like to see some more. (Click image to view video at Clip was removed.) (Via The Beat.)