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Fight Science - Special Ops

The other day on the National Geographic Channel they had a show on called Fight Science: Special Ops. Talk about amazing stuff. They had, as you can imagine, some Special Ops soldiers on and pushed them to extreme limits all in the name of science. The human body is quite the “machine”. The show is schedule to air a few more times this week. Check it out.


Still a little rough, but was fun to do. That’s what is important when doing these daily exercises. Now back to the drawing table.

Breaking Bad promo

I watched the premiere of AMC’s new show “Breaking Bad” tonight. Wow, what a show. It’s stars Bryan Cranston, yes the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. He plays Walter White, a New Mexico chemistry teacher, with a handicapped son, a baby on the way, and a mortgage he can’t afford who totally loses it when he’s been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Cranston’s character ends up blackmailing a former student (and Meth dealer) named Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) into a partnership and starting a rolling meth lab (made from a used Winnebago). I have to say AMC has another hit on their hands. This show is just great! I love stories with quirky characters and Cranston’s character has definitely peaked my interest. I’m looking forward to see where his “adventures” take him.

Working towards getting back into a drawing groove. A sketch I did today.


Hey look at that, two posts in one week (well a few days within each other) so far. I’m on a roll! Woohoo!

(Via YouTube.)

Show no mercy!


Number of five year olds  in a fight rating


How about you?

(It’s a joke all of you sensitive people.)